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  The Business side of things: LH Late for Appointment System
Posted by: Brian on Sunday, June 05, 2005 - 10:40 PM
  Scheduling issues
393 Reads

Patients will be late for appointments - nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong! You can at the very least keep track of those patients who do it repeatedly, and at least try some corrective action. This Lighthouse system will automate the recording of patients who are late, and simultaneously remind you that they're SO late you better get the approval of the appropriate clinical team member before you tell them they can be seen today. It will also remind you, the next time you make an appointment for a "late" patient, to say something to help them remember to be on time next time.

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  PracticeWorks: LH Simple Appointment Confirmation System
Posted by: Allen on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 - 10:40 PM
  Scheduling issues
2021 Reads

Before You Install This System: Lighthouse has created a 100% automated system for sending out appointment reminders. It is a replacement for the system described in this Article.

Once we install it, you will never have to send another appointment reminder (e-mail or postcard) again. It even adds cell phone text messages to the mix of reminders. And the cost of the service is included in your Club Lighthouse monthly subscription. Please call 888-427-5454 extension 1 and ask about it.

(The original article is still intact, below, but there really isn't much point in reading it.)

The worst thing an office can experience is to start a week with an empty appointment book. The next to worst thing is a week jammed back with little to no confidence in which appointments will show up and which will not. The office with the empty schedule at least knows that patients can be accommodated on short notice. The practice with the "full" book of unconfirmed appointments cannot accept high productivity or emergency needs because they are hoping that time reserved in the past will be actually used. While there are many different philosophies as to the methods used for appointment confirmation (and if you should confirm at all!), this article and the associated download will describe the Lighthouse Simple Appointment Confirmation System that leverages the power of the software and minimizes the manual effort required.

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  PracticeWorks: Lighthouse Broken Appointment Management System
Posted by: Joel on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - 01:58 AM
  Scheduling issues
1875 Reads

One of the best ways to minimize last minute appointment cancellations or no-shows is to not make appointments for patients who have a history of not keeping their scheduled appointment. In a busy practice, weeding out these known abusers is easier said than done. PracticeWorks "out of the box" does very little to help you. It can track the total number of cancellations and/or reschedules, but the number is of limited use. Does a "5" mean 5 cancellations in the last 8 years, or 5 cancellations in the last 8 days? Of course, even this limited information is of no use if you never take the time to review the appointment history before making the next appointment (and who has time for that?)

This article covers the use of the "Lighthouse Broken Appointment Management" system, a series of custom experts designed to tackle this problem head on!

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  PracticeWorks: Lighthouse Schedule Hole Filler
Posted by: Joel on Monday, May 12, 2003 - 11:32 PM
  Scheduling issues
1334 Reads

There is a somewhat obvious but frequently disregarded property of your appointment book: it is a finite but perishable opportunity for revenue generation. If you seat a patient and produce work, you generate revenue for your practice. However, this opportunity for revenue generation does not last forever. Each slot in your book has an expiration date on it, and once that time has past, that opportunity for revenue generation can never be recovered. Furthermore, it actually costs you money to allow an appointment slot to expire unused. There is overhead involved in running your practice: you pay rent, utilities, and staff salary whether or not that appointment slot is filled. If you divide these fixed monthly expenses by the number of hours you are open each month, you may be surprised to discover just how much an unused hour costs you.

Given this importance, we have devised a tool to aid you minimizing this waste: The Lighthouse Schedule Hole Filler. This article covers the use of that tool.

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  PracticeWorks: A better way to manage the Pending Page
Posted by: Brian on Thursday, February 27, 2003 - 12:12 AM
  Scheduling issues
1647 Reads

The Pending Page was originally designed to be a holding area for appointments that have failed or been canceled, that were not rescheduled at the time of the cancel/fail for some reason, and that have a good chance of being rescheduled on relatively short notice. Unfortunately, it is frequently used as a "dumping ground" for any and all canceled/failed appointments. When this happens, the list of pending appointments becomes so long that it’s very inefficient to find someone who can actually be rescheduled, which defeats the whole purpose of the Pending Page. This article and its associated custom Contact Experts will help prevent that from happening in your office.

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