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  PracticeWorks: PW's Various License Issues
Posted by: Brian on Saturday, March 08, 2008 - 03:08 PM
  Miscellaneous PracticeWorks
386 Reads

This article was written in response to the many, many issues PW users have with various license counts that in place in a PW office. It's pretty "down and dirty" - no fluff. If you're getting error messages that refer to "PWSvr", skip straight to the third heading below, "PW License Server."

There are 4 kinds of licenses that every PW user has to deal with if they're on PW version 5.0 or higher (only 2 with version 4.9): The Windows server license count, the Pervasive license count, the PracticeWorks license count, and the PWServer license count.

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  PracticeWorks: Installing From an Exchange Pack
Posted by: Brian on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 - 10:21 PM
  Miscellaneous PracticeWorks
922 Reads

Here's the scoop on downloading and installing a Lighthouse Exchange Pack for PracticeWorks

First, you need to know that an "Exchange Pack" is a file that contains some kind of enhancement for PW. To use the contents of the file, you first download and SAVE it to your computer. Then, you use the Expert Exchange - a program that comes with PW - to install the contents of the file into your PW data. How you do the second step is different for different versions of PW, which is the point of this Article - pointing you to the correct Article depending on your version of PW.

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  Using the Version 6 Expert Exchange and Update Program
Posted by: Allen on Thursday, August 11, 2005 - 03:56 PM
  Miscellaneous PracticeWorks
983 Reads


With the new release of PracticeWorks version 6 - they have FINALLY re-enabled several features that were considered revolutionary when they first appeared, finally copied by almost all of the major competitors, and then disabled during all of the "changing of hands". Now back and actually built into the menu structure of PW are both the PW Expert Exchange (PWEE) and the PracticeWorks Update Program (PUP). For any office using version 6 in production mode, you need to be aware of where they are located, how they should be used and who can use them.

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  PracticeWorks: Installing From an Exchange Pack
Posted by: Brian on Monday, June 13, 2005 - 03:29 PM
  Miscellaneous PracticeWorks
1560 Reads


A unique feature of PracticeWorks is the support of custom defined Experts: Contact Experts, Analysis Experts, and all the components of the Automation Expert (Notes, Forms, Documents, Messages and the AutoLinks that make them work). A mechanism exists for these user-defined Experts to be packaged into files and sent to other users, where they can easily be installed and put to use immediately. Club Lighthouse has created many of these Exchange Packs, and will continue to create more all the time. This article provides step-by-step instructions for installing these Exchange Packs after you download them from The Club.

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  PracticeWorks: Workflow of a Patient Visit
Posted by: Brian on Thursday, June 09, 2005 - 10:27 AM
  Miscellaneous PracticeWorks
1508 Reads

When we designed PracticeWorks, we wanted to make the program follow closely the natural flow of work in a dental office. We spent a lot of time on the administrative part of it - the whole flow of the patient relative to the front desk: check-in, go to the operatory, come back from the operatory, enter charges and payments, process insurance, make the next appointment, then do the whole thing over again the next visit. I think we got that part right, and the normal use of the program enables - even enforces, to a certain degree - that natural flow. Almost all of that was in version 1.0 of the program.

When Charting was added, in version 2.03, it was kind of a rush job. (Ask Joel - he'll tell you it was the most stressful couple of months of his professional life!) We didn't have the time to spend on the design of Charting that we did with Office, couldn't really study and understand how work flowed in the operatory. Consequently, there isn't really a natural flow to using Charting. Instead, there are a bunch of tools - the hard tissue chart, the treatment plan, buttons, notes, etc. - and it's really up to each user to figure out how to use them all together. Coupled with the fact that PW, Inc. never developed a training agenda for Charting that went beyond how to use each of the tools, it's not surprising that so many people use Charting in less than an ideal fashion, with no clear idea of how it really should be used.

Out there in the real world, Allen and Bridgett (and a whole bunch of other people) had no choice but to figure out a way to use it that worked, that made sense, that could be easily taught (and therefore performed consistently), and that didn't have too many holes, too many opportunities for things to be overlooked or messed up. The PW trainers also learned things from their working with users - things that helped overcome some of the design deficiencies and even a few bugs in the program. Over the past few years, Lighthouse has taken everything that Allen and Bridgett and the trainers and a whole bunch of other people have learned, and assembled it into a set of instructions for using Charting that works. This article details those instructions - follow them, and you'll use Charting a whole lot better than you're probably using it now, with far fewer "speedbumps" in the flow of work through your office.

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